Zeal without knowledge

North American culture generally views impulsiveness as a mark of a highly successful person.  My husband often quotes Napoleon: “The most difficult, and therefore the most valuable, is the ability to decide.”   So decide.  Quickly.  We love impulsive people because they seem fun to be around.  “Let’s climb on the roof of the dormitory,” they … [Read more]

Where will you be of use?

While I was at the Urbana missions conference in December, I spent some time wandering the huge exhibition hall full of organizations recruiting volunteers for missions and development work.  Here’s some comments I collected about the characteristics they’re looking for in volunteers, and how to pinpoint your calling in the maze of opportunities. Q: What … [Read more]

Beyond just naming issues

We’ve been trying to teach our kids new vocabulary words now and then at dinner.  Adam suggested “tardy” as today’s word.  The following discussion ensued: Phoebe: I know what tardy means.  It’s like when you have to pick up toys. Adam:  That’s tidy.  Like “everybody tidy up.” (A common sing-song with kids in South Africa). … [Read more]