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November 2010

How do you shop?

Nobody’s going to say outright, “Gee, I really want to promote sex trafficking and miserable lives for orphans.”  And yet most of us don’t know where to begin moving in the opposite direction.
One great way is in how we shop.  We’re going to spend money anyway.  Christmas happens.  Our favorite tee-shirt get’s a hole in [...]

What I’m reading

I was once caught off-guard by a man at a talk I had just finished giving who asked, “What do you read?”  At the time I remember realizing that whatever I was reading didn’t sound very impressive.  Probably a lot of what I read doesn’t sound very impressive, as is true for lots of people, [...]

Radio interview coming up

Feel free to listen in on the radio interview I have scheduled this Thursday!  Leave a comment at the link here to win a free book, too.
Click here for details.
I can’t wait to chat with this week’s amazing guest. Christine Jeske will be talking about how to motivate people wherever they are in the world [...]