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January 2011

When I’m frustrated

Yesterday we all lost our tempers. Zeke’s teacher told me he had hit a kid.  Zeke explained it was because the kid wouldn’t listen to the teacher, and wouldn’t listen to him, so Zeke started fixing what the kid did wrong. Phoebe hit her breaking point after telling a young friend a couple times that […]

A realistic guide to love

The dismal month of February is nearly upon us. In these days, let us collectively turn our heads toward that curious spike on the romance meter that occurs each year…

In case you haven’t noticed, you didn’t win

I hate coming in second place.  In our early months of dating, Adam and I took a sunny spring day off of studying and played tennis.  I had played tennis in high school–not superbly, but with hours of practice and even some wins.  He claimed beforehand he “hardly played.” Then he whupped my butt. We […]

Inside Pages

Moody Publishers (publisher of Into the Mud) is pleased to announce a new corporate blog! They will be launching Inside Pages, at www.InsidePages.net, on January 17th and to celebrate they’re hosting daily giveaways from January 17th-29th, giveaways include a Kindle, iPod, new book releases, Ryrie Study Bibles, and more. Inside Pages will serve as Moody […]

Good and Perfect Gifts

A friend asked me recently how we handle gift-giving at Christmas. Do we make gifts? Do we limit our budget? Do we limit what we ask for? How do we live amidst the Christmas materialist gold-rush and as Gandhi said, “live simply so that others may simply live?”

No Unemployment in the Kingdom of God

One of the things I most loved about the church I grew up attending that not only could you find just about any kind of person in the church, you could find all kinds of music.  The church worked in sixth grader saxophone players, flute choirs of high school students, university professors on everything from […]