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February 2012

Book cover!

Hey, the cover for our next book has been designed!  What do you think?

Fun story of the font… The InterVarsity Press cover designer came up with the basic idea, and to give the font some extra authenticity, we decided to paint it, on a wall, for real.  Some wild and wonderful friends, Anne and Justin, [...]

Why Practicing Lent is Crazy

Yesterday was the first day of lent.  Maybe last night you got some ashes smeared on your head.  Maybe “lent” is a weird, meaningless word to you.  Here’s an article I wrote for Relevant on why lent is crazy, and why I love it anyway.
When Ash Wednesday rolls around, some of us get a [...]

Alive, not by accident

Last Friday around noon, a massive aneurysm burst in my mother’s brain.
My dad called, his voice badly shaking, telling me to pray as the doctors rushed her into surgery.
Seven years ago, a similar thing happened.  That time the bleeding was less, but she spent at least three months after brain surgery feeling dizzy and nauseous [...]

Invitation for lent

Thinking about giving up chocolate, coffee, Facebook, or fried food for lent?
Wondering why Christians bother with this sacrificing deal at lent at all?
How about something more meaningful.
A couple weeks ago I got to fly out to California to be a part of putting together videos introducing something very cool you can take part in this [...]

A Margins Challenge

After I posted the blog post about creating margins yesterday, a wise friend asked the very important question, “How do you make these margins?”
Good question.
She knows me well enough to know that making margins isn’t just something that’s going to happen with a little more concentration.
In fact I lay in bed last night asking myself, [...]

Making Margins

As I sped down my icy gravel driveway trying not to smash into the mailbox for the umpteenth time in a week, bouncing in my seat and praying I’d time enough green lights to make it to the bus on time, I realized I needed more margins.
Margins, I have learned from graphic designer friends, make [...]

This Ordinary Adventure–done!

It’s official. Our manuscript is done and turned in. The book should be out late September.
Finishing final edits over the last couple weeks has filled up my schedule enough that I haven’t blogged. Really at all.  So here’s a little treat, a chunk of the book.
This is from a chapter on identity.  Enjoy.
My middle school [...]