1. I can definitely see both sides of the argument for or against this viral video. I definitely agree that a perspective of Westerns saving Africans is harmful. But I don’t think that is the sole means of engagment for Insivisble Children. I think that Invisible Children has been working in Uganda with a marganalized popultion. And though I need to do much more research, I think they are engaging in activities in Uganda that empower individuals. If the Kony 2012 campaign were the one and only activity of Invisible Children I would agree that the organization was paternalistic and harmful. However, this campaign is simply one component of the overall strategy.
    The mass population simply doesn’t care enough to act unless they are informed in extremely simple ways to take extremely simple action. But Invisible Children is also raising funds through this campaign hopefully, to address the more issue more holistically.

    In any event it is an interesting social experiment of facebook.

  2. “At what point are you “informed enough” to try to take action on an issue?” What a GREAT question. I often get paralyzed, leaning too far towards informed and not far enough toward action.

    Thanks for adding your perspective to the debate. Did you see that Invisible Children responded to the criticism on their website yesterday? I’m glad they admitted there was a controversy and shared their perspective.

  3. thanks for your perspective, I have been asking myself many of those same questions… including the very simplistic question of what would Jesus do about this? I absolutely love that last line and it’s truth. finding that point where your zeal oversteps wisdom is crucial.

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