For the Unsettled ones out there

Ever walked through Target and had the woozy feeling that all these heaps of stuff are just one step away from a landfill where they belong, and that “one step” is you and your overworked credit card?

I do.

Target, or anywhere else buying stuff to hold my stuff, makes a crank and a liar out of me.  I wrote a blog about it I think you’ll enjoy here.

But in the mean time, if you’ve ever pondered swinging a baseball bat at the status quo, selling all your stuff, and running off to find a new way to live, guess what, I met some people who did just that.

A week ago we had the privilege of having this family of four show up in their RV-home across the street in a campground, and then spend the weekend sharing inspiration.  While we’re figuring out how to “Settle down without settling,” they’re in the thick of figuring out how to unsettle.

Read their lovely and challenging blog here.

But wait, there’s more today.

Here’s where you get to unsettle your own life just a little.

Today we’re starting a 31-day Amazing Days challenge. Got something you’ve always wanted to do but never given yourself the excuse?  Need a wake-up call to look around you and notice what Amazing stuff you take for granted every day.  Now’s your time!

Connect to This Ordinary Adventure on Facebook, and start posting what amazing thing you did today, tomorrow, any day this month.  Every day we’ll mail a book to a favorite post.  While you’re there, get a kick out of what others are sharing.  You’re bound to find more encouragement and ideas to infuse an Ordinary October with extra-ordinary energy.

Tell your friends, and spread the Amazingness!


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