1. Randi

    Hmm, I like this idea, and I’m gonna say, I think if you added 4-7 “Hapifying” activities to a week it would improve your life. It almost sounds too easy, but at the same time, if I did something fun that made me happy everyday (7 times a week), my life would have to improve right?!

    Things on my list would definitely be eating a meal with friends, going for a walk outside, spending time trying a new skill or trying to improve one I’m already working on.

  2. christine

    Hey Randi, glad to see “eating a meal with friends” on the top of your list. I think hitting a baseball around a campground with a tennis racket with friends, or plucking a rooster with friends, or what the heck, just about anything with friends, also qualifies.

  3. Lori-Ann

    I belong to a 12 step group which advocates making gratitude lists and giving up resentments as a way to an addiction free life, and I have to say it works! I used to be a negative thinker all the time and I still am sometimes but I can testify to the fact that practicing gratitude, working on giving up resentments, fostering positive thoughts and hanging around with positive people can change one’s brain and create new neurological pathways. For my list of 4-7 things I would choose: spending time with friends (doing anything), being around little kids, patting my cat, laughing deeply, spending quiet time outside, practicing gratitude, and making time to write would be on my list. I get to 4 of those on a routine basis.

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