1. Amanda

    As usual, I can definitely relate!!! I’m so grateful that the Eastern programme does bring such peculiar people together… My first residency was truly the first time I didn’t feel crazy for living the life I do and the community it created is continuing today thanks to amazing technology, almost on a daily basis. Hope you have a wonderful residency and all the best in SA.

  2. christine

    Thanks, Amanda! Great to hear that the community you experienced at Eastern still continues. It is definitely a sweet group of people to get to be a part of.

  3. Cindy

    I have had some amazing divine appointments in airports. I prayed with a woman who was returning home from her father’s funeral–she had just shared with me that she had a part of her dad in her carry-on (he had been cremated!). She was not a Christian, but it was a vulnerable time for her so I had an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with her. Another woman was hysterically crying about a flight delay. After listening to her story, I had the opportunity to pray with her as well. The Lord uses open eyes and open hearts!!!!

  4. Jessica

    It was so cool to read all about you and your family. I think what you and your family do is great. I wish that my family could have showed as much love to each other as so clear as can be yours does. Your kids have and will grow up doing things most kids and adults would dream of. Josh continues to tell everyone he can what the name of pot stickers is in china. Lol. Thank you for allowing us be part of your life. You are a role model for all families.

  5. christine

    Thanks, Jessica–your comment is so sweet. And I love that our boys both love potstickers (or jiaozi as Josh now calls them! :) FYI I think you’re doing a great job parenting, too.

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