1. Kat

    I completely get it! We own a Tv and it gets plugged in once a week for Sunday popcorn and movie night(and parts of football season). Always a kid-friendly movie, the screen is on for no more than 2 hours a week, and we get to hang out on the couch as a family, cuddled in, stuffing ourselves with home-grown popcorn, laughing together, and ending the week on a high note before the craziness that is another week of school hits us all. Kid’s favorite toys have always been pipe cleaners, random recyclables, mounds of dirt, trees, old tires, sticks and rocks. On a rare winter afternoon she’ll ask for a kid’s yoga video or a PBS computer game, but only when it’s been way too cold for way too long to be outside and she’s exhausted all her creativity and energy inside. There are worse things for a kid to occasionally ask for…

  2. christine

    Awesome, Kat. I like thinking about the embellishments that make TV a higher quality experience–like homemade popcorn, blankets, and snuggling!

  3. Hannah

    Yes, this! This is how I grew up and I am so thankful for it. We only use a laptop and even sometimes that can vie for our attention (eg. catching up on a show rather than going for a walk). Thanks for the timely reminder that sitting on a porch is absolutely beautiful.

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