1. Stacy

    Have you ever considered that those stats are because WI has generous welfare benefits and people come to Madison from other areas to enjoy them? What am *I* supposed to do, anyway, when a people seems to perpetuate a stereotype (that’s truth) because they won’t do for themselves? And it’s not limited to a certain shade of skin tone, either. I believe that individuals are largely viewed based on their initiative, how responsible they are, how they treat others, and the level of respect with which they treat themselves, no matter what their heritage. There are plenty of highly regarded people who are other than “white” to prove it!

  2. christine

    You’re articulating what is actually a fairly common belief in the Western world, especially among people of European heritage: that people become poor or rich, successful or unsuccessful, good or bad at school, and so on, primarily because of what they do or don’t “do for themselves.” By that reasoning, these stats on tendencies of black people to “succeed” or not are nothing but evidence that black people–for no reason except that some inherent correlation to their skin color–tend to be lazy. Do you believe that to be true? I know I don’t. So if that’s not true, then what IS it that causes these statistics? Might it be circumstances beyond any individual’s control, or beyond just the black community’s control, that all of us are responsible for? I can’t find any other logical conclusion than that there must be some injustices making these stats happen beside just individuals lacking initiative. Like MLK said, injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere, which means we all have to care, not just pat ourselves on the back that we really do respect a few “other than white” people.

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