1. Brittany

    Worth reading. :) it makes me feel less burdened about enjoying what I do. Maybe it isn’t wrong to create beauty just for the sake of creating it. I always feel like I never want to waste anything, but I suppose creation isn’t a waste. Even if it isn’t useful it is another way of reflecting God. We are created in His image – a reflection of Him. Does not God express beauty in every sunset He delights in painting? I suppose He could have made it the same every day, but it appears He enjoys creating. So too we enjoy creating. Maybe I’ll do just that. Enjoy creating, and maybe someday, not be afraid to sing.

  2. christine

    Thanks, Brittany. Yes, I agree that we do need to redefine what “waste” means. When you look closely at nature, you can’t help but be amazed at all that goes on unnoticed, living and dying and disappearing every day, and for what? The only explanation I can find is it’s just because Someone enjoys it and decides it’s right to be there.

  3. W

    I loved this. It expresses my philosophy exactly. I have always believed that I should use money to bless and to support good things. I know someone who walks into a shop and loudly exclaims how expensive everything is. I’d rather exclaim how beautiful everything is. She believes that money is to be hoarded and that she scores only if she gets the best bargain available. I believe in supporting beauty and good things. Just like you. Thank you for the beautiful piece and the beautiful art.

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