Taking a blog break

This year will be an exciting year. My kids each start a new school, my husband shifts to new roles at work, I start teaching at Wheaton College as a visiting professor (commuting 2.5 hours each way for a few days a week), and, Lord-willing, I knock out that PhD.

These are all good things, but they leave little room for blogging.

And because I believe in writing well, I’d rather not just churn out some words to keep this going.

So for the time being, there won’t be much for new posts.

On the bright side, I am planning to write regularly for InterVarsity’s Women in Academia blog and newsletter, The Well. Here’s my recent post, with perspective on how to handle busyness.

And there’s sure a lot of old posts around my website that are as true now as they were when I wrote them. Feel free to browse the categories and tags to the right, or get in touch to talk more.


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