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Justice + Jesus = Trouble

Nearly a year ago, I finished up an amazing project: a discussion guide to be used by groups wanting to explore the connection between God and justice.  The project was sponsored and put together by World Vision’s Action Network (ACT:S), and InterVarsity.  Here’s a piece of it’s vision:
Some people sit in church on Sunday and [...]

Persecution in Pakistan

Some photographer friends of ours, Gary and Vivian Chapman, recently shared on CNN some beautiful photos and words painting the realities of life for Christians in Pakistan.  Adam and I had the privilege of knowing a young man who was from that country and training at a seminary in South Africa to go back to [...]

Well-used pickup trucks for Jesus

“I’m pretty much a live-and-let-live agnostic, but whenever I see churches luring people to their services with puppets and guitars, or these mall churches where they park your car and serve you lattes and let you watch the pastor on your choice of five JumboTrons, I want to say, No, No, No. Church should not [...]

No Unemployment in the Kingdom of God

One of the things I most loved about the church I grew up attending that not only could you find just about any kind of person in the church, you could find all kinds of music.  The church worked in sixth grader saxophone players, flute choirs of high school students, university professors on everything from [...]