Taking a blog break

This year will be an exciting year. My kids each start a new school, my husband shifts to new roles at work, I start teaching at Wheaton College as a visiting professor (commuting 2.5 hours each way for a few days a week), and, Lord-willing, I knock out that PhD. These are all good things, … [Read more]

Intentional hanging out: how to learn from people like an anthropologist

Me with amagwenya

I’ve been back in the United States for over two weeks now, and South Africa is starting to feel like a million miles away (as opposed to just the 8,762 miles it is). Fortunately I have Facebook and WhatsApp to keep in touch with lots of people. But more than just remembering people, I want … [Read more]

I will miss about South Africa…

On this, my family’s last night in South Africa after a 10-month stay, I’m offering this self-indulgent post telling just a few of the things I will miss most about this wonderful country. People switching languages multiple times in a single sentence. Going jogging with dogs that are never on leashes. Mist rising out of … [Read more]