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Microcredit and You: What’s the Connection?

This weekend I had the privilege of introducing World Vision Micro to a few hundred people at the Collyde Summit in New Jersey.  I know that those few hundred people aren’t the only ones out there asking questions like “What can I do from where I live to connect to solutions to poverty?” and “Having [...]

Is work in microenterprise development worthwhile?

A friend recently asked:
I have a question about Into the Mud that I’ve wanted to ask: after all the experiences you had while living there, do you feel your work in the microenterprise industry was worthwhile? Was it helpful to the community? Was it sustainable? This book really cast some light into this field [...]

What breaks my heart most for Africa?

A while back someone tweeted me this question: “What breaks your heart most for Africa?”
Lately, anyway, the answer is jealousy.
Jealousy is only 8 characters long and easily tweeted, but I thought it needed more than 140 characters to explain.
In the class I taught recently for Eastern University with a bunch of students in Uganda, we [...]

Microfinance failures and expecting miracles

My husband was recently interviewed for an article you can read here, in Character First Magazine, about our time piloting a microfinance project in rural South Africa.  That was what brought us to Africa, but as you can read in my book, most of the time the work was no garden of roses blooming left [...]