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For you, the real human reader out there

Back when “blog” wasn’t a word and people actually mailed newsletters and letters to each other, a lady named Carla Emory wrote the following:
I used to take my poems down to a street corner in Greenwich Village (along with a baby or two), put on a great big sandwich board that said “Poems for Sale” [...]

Microcredit and You: What’s the Connection?

This weekend I had the privilege of introducing World Vision Micro to a few hundred people at the Collyde Summit in New Jersey.  I know that those few hundred people aren’t the only ones out there asking questions like “What can I do from where I live to connect to solutions to poverty?” and “Having [...]

What happens at home in “normal” life?

Another great book review came in today, and I want to thank blogger Tim Hoiland for writing it.  I’ve never met him in person, but our lives just keep crossing paths, and we share in common a wrestling with adventure and ordinariness, as I’m sure many of you do, too.
Here’s a piece of the review:
Adam [...]

Justice + Jesus = Trouble

Nearly a year ago, I finished up an amazing project: a discussion guide to be used by groups wanting to explore the connection between God and justice.  The project was sponsored and put together by World Vision’s Action Network (ACT:S), and InterVarsity.  Here’s a piece of it’s vision:
Some people sit in church on Sunday and [...]

10 Tips for New Daddies

My husband makes me laugh out loud (so much that I even write out the whole words, not just LOL.)  If you’re a new parent, an old parent, a parent-to-be some day, or just a human being, give yourself a laugh here at his blog, Executing Ideas.
Here’s a sample from tips 8 and 9:
Learn to [...]

For kids with disabilities, and all the elephant-bird-hatchers

Yesterday I learned of two separate friends who are dealing with children with serious health problems and/or disabilities.
Heavy stuff.  I don’t think anyone asks to have a kid with a disability.  Ok, I take that back, there are saintly people who adopt children with disabilities knowing what they’re doing, and they deserve medals of honor [...]

Why Practicing Lent is Crazy

Yesterday was the first day of lent.  Maybe last night you got some ashes smeared on your head.  Maybe “lent” is a weird, meaningless word to you.  Here’s an article I wrote for Relevant on why lent is crazy, and why I love it anyway.
When Ash Wednesday rolls around, some of us get a [...]

Invitation for lent

Thinking about giving up chocolate, coffee, Facebook, or fried food for lent?
Wondering why Christians bother with this sacrificing deal at lent at all?
How about something more meaningful.
A couple weeks ago I got to fly out to California to be a part of putting together videos introducing something very cool you can take part in this [...]

Don’t Carpe Diem?

I’m not much of a mommy-blog reader, but every now and then, one gets me.  Right to the heart.  This last week I had some blessed conversations with a couple mommy friends who were willing to say right out loud the unspeakable:  sometimes parenting is misery.  Sometimes we feel like baby slaves, and the best [...]

More ideas for Christmas

Here’s a couple more ways to put Jesus at the center of Christmas, especially for those of you with kids (or rather young at heart yourselves).

This cute little book, Truth in the Tinsel at http://truthinthetinsel.com/.  Author says:
Does the craziness of the holiday seem to sweep you away? Do you sit there on December 25th and [...]