Where should I volunteer overseas?

Here’s an attempt to respond to a great question, one that seems to come back again and again in my own life: “I’m in the process of researching organizations and narrowing down possibilities for volunteering overseas.  Any suggestions or connections?” If you know as much as how to type “volunteer overseas” into Google, you’re already … [Read more]

Launching at Urbana

We’ve decided to launch the book officially in December at Urbana 09 in St. Louis, where it will be available at the bookstore.  Adam and I will be there, too, volunteering and soaking up time with some of the countries’ most exciting current and future leaders in holistic missions.  Find us and chat if you’re … [Read more]

Why the mud?

To kick things off, here’s a response I just wrote for a question asked by Darcie Nolan, editor of the forthcoming social justice magazine, Eye See Magazine. Darcie asks: “Can you explain the title, Into the Mud?” I like to say that this is not so much a book about Africa, or development, or missions, … [Read more]


Well, it’s time to get rolling on this website!  I’ve envisioned this website as a place to let you discuss the issues in the book, find like-minded people around the world, give me a chance to do my best at responding to your questions, and connect you to useful resources and information.  I pray that … [Read more]