Are you poor enough?

This week I’m enjoying a get-away to St. Louis, to the world’s largest student missions conference, Urbana.  I contributed a post today to the InterVarsity blog. It’s on questioning how Christians are supposed to relate to poverty–Help the poor?  Be humble like the poor?  Be the poor?  What do you think? Here’s the post at … [Read more]

Books on sale!

For the next two weeks, we’ve got books on sale: • Five books for $40! • Ten books for $75! • Free shipping! You can even mix and match copies of This Ordinary Adventure with copies of Into the Mud: Inspiration for Everyday Activists, True Stories of Africa. Who do you know that’s thinking about their … [Read more]

Where does your courage end?

My friend Miranda Heathcote asked this question: What is it that puts the fear of God into you? In her blog, she writes, “I’ve found my trigger and it’s not pretty.” She’s an incredible woman, the kind who puts to shame any “amazing” life experiences I might have described in This Ordinary Adventure. She writes: … [Read more]